Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rooftop view

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This is about shapes and a limited range of colors. I can't explain why I like it, but I do. Tomorrow, I'll try a watercolor sketch of it. To practice. I have been squeezing some tube watercolors into a portable palette to take with me to Greece. Greece! The trip leader, RRD, told us that Greek shake their heads for "yes" and "no" opposite to the way we do, and that in addition the word for 'yes" sounds like a negative. Should be interesting.
I looked at another report of a trip at this same time of year and found much higher temperatures than I had seen before, more like 92 degrees, rather than 82 degrees as the high temperature. So, I'm still not sure what clothes to take. Some of the others mentioned shorts a lot, but I don't do shorts. I do have some khaki pedalpushers. Isn't life grand??


  1. Hey Junie!

    I love your blog - have had an RSS feed to it for some time now. I just told Nancy Rupp about it (she is extra helping the library today) - and how being touch with you through your postings is like the olden days at the Rock. We both miss you. I told Nancy how to get an RSS feed. If you have a chance, check out my blog at

    its still in "rough" draft however..

    Greece sounds so cool!

    xoxo, Lauren

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  3. Gee, LJ, it is wonderful to find you are reading this; I will definitely need to notch it up. I like your blog, too, the few posts I've read yet. And can recommend this one to you (you'll see why when you try it) as being extraordinary.
    I don't know that html will wotk here, but that's the link. Love you, June