Thursday, May 01, 2008

Artist Maida

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Today was the last day for me of all-day printmaking classes until January. This was taken in the outdoor space where we have lunch together. This elegant lady is having a little trouble seeing, but she still makes the most beautiful sketches, always of people, and usually people doing something with another person or other people. Since I am struggling to draw teapots and trees, I respect and love the excellence of her drawings and the characteristic old-fashioned looks of her people. Her work is instantly recognizable from across the room. It's a great group of artists--everone works on different projects, using different techniques, and there is ever so much interesting new art to see every week! And so many new ideas about art and beauty to be gained by hanging out with this outstanding group of friends.


  1. Beautiful photograph. The woman in the picture exudes elagance, sprinkled with character.

    The information you provided about the artist has made me interested in viewing her work.


  2. It is wonderful work! I see that you are in the Bay Area. She belongs to a cooperative gallery in Los Altos called
    GALLERY 9--she usually has a few pieces there. Ask for her by her first name, Maida.
    143 Main Street,
    Los Altos, CA, 94022
    Open Tues-Sat 11-5, Sin 11-4.
    I don't think she has much of a web presence, but if I find she has, I will let you know. June