Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The long and winding road . . .

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through the Rocky Mountain West. Lovely weather for the trip until about an hour's heavy rain late today, coming into Fargo, North Dakota. As usual. Yellowstone, the high plains and the badlands of Montana and North Dakota were spectacular. The clouds, especially, are surpassingly beautiful! The light through clouds and the streaks of rain in the distance put on a constantly changing show.
Little David Archuleta is a semi-finalist on American Idol; I'd like him to win. But fear this attention may ruin his life. The shows about the final three singers were the perfect thing to watch in these mid-price motels at the end of a tiring day on the road. News from San Jose is that there will be a heat wave, with above 90 degree temperatures. I'm glad to miss it!

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  1. June, where you going? Michigan? There are hummingbirds that have migrated to Michigan and Canada this spring. I invite you to visit my blog. On Saturday, May 17, I write about spotting my first hummingbird of the season. I think it was Humms from last year.