Friday, May 23, 2008

At Last!

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When we got to our place in the Michigan Woods, our internet had crashed! But all is well now, after 1)we got the DSL turned on 2)they fixed the local new equipment snafu and 3) Mike from ComputeRACC made a short visit to recover the lost secret password for the network so that S's new laptop could join up and fix my corrupted Device Driver so that my wireless card would work again! Breathless gasp!
This photo is from a rest stop before we hit the Plains. It's always pretty there. There is a sign to watch for snakes, but I've never seen any. . . .
I leave for a watercolor painting trip (arrow down to Greece) to the Greek Islands next Wednesday. My brother and his wife are coming, too. We'll visit five of the islands in the Cyclades and spend a day at the beginning and a day at the end in Athens. I'll get to see the Parthenon! I don't know why I do these things--it would be so much simpler (and cheaper) to stay at home. But I should have some new photos to share. I'm glad to be back, at least until next week. If I can find an Internet cafe, I might be able to post at least once from Greece.

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  1. June, welcome home to Michigan. Why travel? because it keeps us young and enlightened and as Mark Twain put it---it expands our horizons so that we don't turn into narrowminded old folks.