Saturday, May 03, 2008


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This fellow was at the Japanese Friendship Garden scoring morsels in the pond for a long time today. We had our annual haiku reading, a haiku workshop and a really good visit with people who came from Southern California, Walnut Creek, Livermore and all over. I read some of the prose pieces I have been working on, that are lightly studded with haiku. Three other people were featured readers and we had a round-the-circle open reading afterwards. These prose pieces interspersed with related (but not containing the same information) haiku are called haibun, a word from Japan formed from the word haiku the same way as the word haiga, which means artwork with haiku as part of the art.
More and more, my respect for the haiku tradition--and the possibilties of expression in this simple-seeming art form-- is growing. And so to bed.

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