Thursday, February 26, 2009

Forest Textures

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I'm looking forward to going back to these woods. Here in California it has been raining and the earth is soggy. We had a new fence put in between the tiny side yards of our wedge-shaped lots. Through the window in the laundry room, I can see the fence. I notice birds are already using it as a perch or a small highway. That makes a nice change. It is mockingbird time here; I think he hopes to nest, or is already nesting, in the hedge between us and the other neighbor. He sings for hours, perched on our roof, or in a tree. About 20 years ago we had a night mockingbird--one who sang for hours at night during the nesting season. This bird drove our hedge neighbor nuts, but I don't think that is why they moved away. We are the single remaining original owners on this block where our children grew up. We planted every tree, bush, perennial and bulb on this lot. And the time is coming when we, too, will move away. Well, that's cheerful! I have started a very interesting project which I won't be able to talk about until the results come out. But, stay tuned for a couple of months and I'll fill you in.
S read me an article the other day about a mid-20th century Hungarian writer, Sandor Marai. I can't type Hungarian diacriticals here, but he has one in each name. He was driven out of Hungary around 1949, and lived in the US in obscurity for the next 40 years before committing suicide in 1989. I got his short book Esther's Inheritance, on my Kindle and read it before going to bed. It's a very good book, so tonight I am thankful to Amazon's Kindle and the translators and publishers who now make this work available.I've ordered a memoir and some more of his fiction. Stay tuned--I know I keep promising to make this a better blog; this seems to have the result that I procrastinate writing ANY post. . . Good Grief, as that poor Chuck used to say. That's a great book, too, the one about Charlie Brown's creator! It wasn't as funny as it seemed.

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