Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feeding the dogs

My husband used to feed his dogs little treats of canned dog food with a fork. This captures it exactly. Today I remembered this picture which I used to have in a wooden frame the color of the golden retriever. I gave that away to my son (the two darker dogs were his; he was visiting) but noticed a photo of seabirds in an identical frame on the mantel. So I went looking for the file. This picture was taken with film, but when it was developed they gave you digitized images on a FLOPPY DISK. [Remember?] So it is almost, but not quite, one of my first digital photos. I have most of my photos on a large stand-alone hard drive. (I cannot recommend this too highly as a good backup, and way to organize and access your photos. I keep the CDs with photos on them in a storage locker, also.) Since I've been keeping the photos easily accessible like this, I've been playing with them a lot more, and have retrieved a lot of memory threads. Now the faded seabirds are out, a fresh print of the dog-feeding extravaganza is in, and I am going to bed happy. I might be even happier if these old photos were of even better quality, but I can fix that sometime when (???) I go through a chest of drawers full of photos and negatives in envelopes. The actual film of this time should be of better quality than floppy disk skinny-megapixel photos. So many projects, so many choices. Good Night.

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