Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thinking about the autumn woods

And playing with my software when I should be going to bed. This is a Nik filter that emulates a Polaroid transfer. The trunks of young birch trees against the woods always arrange themselves pleasingly. My brother has recently retired and has started reading this blog. He lets me know about typed misspellings. Typing has never been a strong point with me, although I had some reputation as a speller. It is fun to find out things about your siblings that you never knew, like that he cares about typos. The brother just younger than Dave used to write me emails that were LARDED with typos. If I mentioned it, he dismissed it as of no consequence, though he was the author of books and many published articles. I have two other brothers; if they are reading this, I don't know it. Yet.
I need to get back into the swing of writing this blog. Look for improvement, faithful readers. I've been reading some great stuff.


  1. has my dad been picking on your spelling? or has he not gotten around to reading yet? it is tax season :).

  2. Blogging teaches me all kinds of things about others. I like this autum photo you created. Keep up the good work!