Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gulls on Almaden Lake

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This time of year, gulls are here on the lake in the middle of almost every day. We're at the beginning of the year we name 2009.
Here is something that happened on February 23, 1912. In a letter to his companion, Emilie Floge, Gustav Klimt wrote, " I really am getting my telephone today--who knows how much it will irritate me."
I can dig that! It is fun to think about living without phones, the way everybody did, a mere hundred years ago.
This tidbit was brought to you courtesy of the Chronology of Klimt's life in the back of the book Gustav Klimt; Modernism in the Making, which I finished tonight. The reproductions in the book are very beautiful and they cover the whole arc of his career. I have always preferred his landscape paintings to the golden portraits of society ladies, but I am very glad to have this book. His drawings are exquisite! Tomorrow, I need to remove another book in the shelf of my European art favorites to make room for this one. The perils of being a retired librarian. . .

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