Sunday, February 08, 2009

Young Leaves

My apologies to my readers (after I finally got some!) I've been a very poor blogger. I have a new laptop (impulse purchase--we went to Best Buy to replace S's dead desktop) and I have been setting it up and trying to organize my pictures, digital and scanned. It's much faster and makes this a possible project. So many things I had forgotten! This is from a series of scans I took for the cover of Young Leaves, which the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society published to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2000. It's not the chosen scan, but for some reason, it appeals to me tonight, probably because of its lost leaflet.Today I went through my whole closet, removing extra hangers and putting like items with like. Here are the categories: pants, skirts, blazers, jeans or ethnic jackets, long-sleeved silk blouses, short-sleeved silk blouses or rayon blouses, long sleeved shirts, cotton short sleeved blouses, short sleeved cotton knit tops. long sleeved ditto (my favorite wear in this chillier part of the year). Plus a couple of dresses, and some nightgowns and housecoats. I found several beloved items I had forgotten about and two things with the tags on that I had NEVER worn. HOPE is sending their donation truck in three days. Now comes the sort-through of each category to get some donations ready.So today has been about STUFF, digital and material. I have two much; looking through things today has been great fun. Stirring your stuff can be a good substitute for other accomplishments. Sigh.I also should report that I made a new etched plate in Printmaking class last Thursday and plan to print it both as a relief plate and an intaglio plate before next class. Good night!

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