Monday, July 22, 2013

Falafels inside

This is the very cute little place where we had falafel gyros tonight. Lovely fresh sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with a yoghurt sauce inside with the falafels. Do you make one falafel plural by adding an "s?" I could easily have eaten two gyros, but the one was very satisfying, since I was tired and hungry and since falafels are a favorite food of mine, and one I usually don't have here in Northern Michigan.

Grandchildren, four of them, are due to arrive after midnight, at the end of a truly marathon drive from Northern California, with their parents taking turns at the wheel. I've just been on the phone with the oldest one; she told me that the moon was up and it was pink! By the time I saw it, it was already dark here. But I have seen that pink moon that catches the tail end of the sunset.I dearly love these children, three girls with a boy as  a finishing touch.

I just found out about another poet. This one has been flying quietly under the radar and publishing without making a big splash, while doing other things, like working at a wildlife refuge. The book is called Darkness Sticks to Everything by Tom Hennen, It's from the splendid Copper Canyon Press this very year, 2013. The poems are rooted in the natural world, which is my preference, really. Many of the poems are short, like this one from page 45.

After a Long Trip

The river is going to the Gulf of Mexico.
The moon on the top of the water
Doesn't move.
It's not interested in a
Trip to New Orleans.
It's light is already tired from traveling
250,000 miles
To shine on some trees.

or this one, on page 48,

Independent Existence

A small pond comes out of the hillside.
On its surface
Hangs a frog imitating moss
A willow leaf
Drops on the water
And is immediately still.
Autumn air penetrates the ground.
Wind hums endlessly
To the tangled grass.
When things happen here
There is no urge to put them on TV.

* * *

These small poems seem to like having each line begin with a capital letter. I like it, too.
It is something I have avoided in the past. Now I plan to try it. Good night.

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