Thursday, July 04, 2013

Seriously. Plus a little bit of flag. Also, Bliss!

 I don't quite get the reference. Is this supposed to be the Abominable Snowman? Or a species of pigmentless gorilla? Anyway his/her furry effigy sits on one of the sofas at the Friendship Center in Petoskey where the seniors sit to wait for the bus. Or I wait while the wonderful massage guy gives S. a massage, after which it will be my turn.
I like to think that the yellow thing around the neck represents a banana, (thus, gorilla?) and was crocheted as a gift by a friendly senior fiber artist. Since it is now so close to the Fourth, an extra small flag is also on display here, visible in the upper right corner of the portrait. Do you ever think that symbols are everywhere and that there must be some species of meaning in everything?

This afternoon on the way to the holiday barbecue to which we were invited, we passed through the hamlet of Bliss, MI. There is nothing much there but a small corner store (The Bliss Store!) and a large field of turf near some restored housing and stabling for the polo players and horses who come here from the South to play polo when it gets too warm where they come from. I kid you not, a polo summer camp! Quite posh.

Tonight's poem is by David Lee, Utah's first poet laureate. Which places him far away from Northern Michigan, where, near midnight now, someone is still setting off fireworks down the lane by the lake.

On Turning Up a Fossil in My Garden

Natural extinction need not connote
a forced or meaningless fall into oblivion:
instead, one of the simple facts of life, the ultimate
fate of all species, not tainted by a stigma
of failures like breath, frequent in occurrence
but unworthy of inordinate praise, not
especially provocative as conversation. As
when two lovers cease their heavy breathing, and part,
and the moonlight seeps into a darkened room:
seen clearly with no apprehension, animosity, fear.

from So Quietly The Earth by David Lee, Copper Canyon Press, 2004, page 20.

Hope you also had a Glorious Fourth, or a least a pleasant one. Good Night!

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