Friday, July 26, 2013

Today at the Oden Fish Hatchery

My granddaughter is taking videos of the fish in the stream-viewing chamber. I loved the light-through-the-water in this place. The kids really enjoyed this no-fee interpretive center, with the stream-side trails, things to see and opportunity to feed the fish.

Tonight's gift is again from Road-Side Dog, by Czeslaw Milosz from page 62.


On one side there is luminosity, trust, faith, the beauty of the earth, on the other side darkness, doubt, unbelief, the cruelty of the earth, the capacity of people to do evil. When I write, the first side is true, when I do not write, the second is. Thus, I have to write, to save myself from disintegration. Not much philosophy in this statement, but at least it has been verified by experience.

This gives those of is who write another take on the subject, Good NIght!

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