Friday, July 05, 2013

Seriously, spring already sprung! Now it is July 5th.

 On the glorious Fourth, the firecrackers almost didn't stop. They've been going off for more than a week now. And as I write they are still going off here in the tranquil hinterlands. 

This lovely dog, seen here last month, when the poppies were at their height next door, tore out of her run and ran away last night. On other years, she hadn't seemed to mind the fireworks, but they went on a lot longer this year. Today we put up LOST DOG posters all over the village. But I am doubtful that she will be found. There is a pack of coyotes in the woods here, and plenty of other dangers.

For me, this afternoon, it was the Habitat for Humanity resale store again, while S did his hot-pool therapy, He does improve slowly, and I am quite encouraged about that.

I bought Selected Poems and Two Plays of William Butler Yeats from 1966. This copy is from the 17th printing, and is larded with student notes. I'm sure you have seen this same volume in a used bookstore. It has a red and black cover featuring an oval photo of the young, bespectacled, Yeats. There are many lyrical beauties inside, and it is hard to choose. I like this one, partly because I think the three beat lines are interesting. And look at the repeated "l" sounds!


A pity beyond all telling
Is hid in the heart of love:
The folks who are buying and selling,
The clouds on their journey above,
The cold wet winds ever blowing,
And the shadowy hazel grove
Where mouse-grey waters are flowing,
Threaten the head that I love.

William Butler Yeats  (1892)  (page 13)

I want to spend an afternoon beside those mouse-grey waters!
Firecrackers are still going off in bunches here

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