Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Luella with a single poppy

This is my favorite kind of dog, one of the sheep-herding breeds. My daughter named this Australian Shepherd after her own grandmother, Luella. My husband wasn't enthusiastic about his mother's name being used for a dog, but it went with K's tradition of female people-names for pets, and is really a sort of homage. I always remember a lovely sheep she had that was named Barbara, It seemed to me an odd name for a sheep, but it suited this animal quite well..Today was bright and beautiful--so bright that you couldn't see what you were photographing on the iPhone screen, Still, I like this odd photo--I even like the orange smudge at the top that is probably my finger too near to phone lens.

Here is another poem from The Book of Luminous Things, (which I describe in the two previous posts)
together with the headnote for this poem by Czeslaw Milosz.
"Man confronting nature fears his foreignness and is ashamed of his intrusion, He would like to return to the earthly paradise before Adam's sin. This seems to be a very American dream, and Robert Creeley's poem pays tribute to the tradition.


Underneath the tree on some
 soft grass I sat. I

watched two happy
woodpeckers be dis-

turbed by my presence. And
why not I thought to

myself, why

--Robert Creeley

What I am looking at here is especially the short lines and the words and sentences broken by linebreaks. These are two of the things which give the poem its appeal. It is earlier in Utah and my brother reads my blog posts only once a week. Good night, David!

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