Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun with colored plastics

Tender Buttons [Milk]

by Gertrude Stein
A white egg and a colored pan and a cabbage
   showing settlement, a constant increase.
A cold in a nose, a single cold nose makes an excuse.    
Two are more necessary.
All the goods are stolen, all the blisters are in the cup. 
Cooking, cooking is the recognition between sudden
   and nearly sudden very little and all large holes.

A real pint, one that is open and closed and in the
   middle is so bad.

Tender colds, seen eye holders, all work, the best of
   change, the meaning, the dark red, all this and
   bitten, really bitten.

Guessing again and golfing again and the best men,
   the very best men.

This poem is in the public domain. I got it in the daily poem emails 
from the Academy of American Poets. The Gertrude Stein book called Tender Buttons
is full of such mind-bending wonders!! I think this is from the section called FOOD. 
Whenever I spend a little time with Gertrude, it seems to make my mind hum! 
I don't feel that I understand much in the usual way of understanding, 
still my mind is humming and that seems to be a good thing, at least in my case.
Also, it is possible to be reminded of milk at several places in this poem. 
Which is what made me think of this childhood picture of my oldest grandson,
who, at this time (almost 20 years ago) was sort of tender and milky.

Sleep tight!

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