Friday, June 21, 2013

Evening LIght

I keep running outside to take these pictures of sky. I don't think I got any mosquito bites tonight, but last night I got two adjacent ones on my neck. That way you can scratch them at the same time. Mosquitoes have always been a feature of the season here, but I never remember this abundance!
I have just about finished cleaning out the car the mouse/mice lived in while it was stored in the barn. It was interesting to see what it/they did and did not do. It took a lot of bites out of the blue plastic foam of the water buoyancy belt I used in the water exercise classes. It made a nest inside a plastic bag [just wrote "plastic bog" which is an interesting idea] that held some white foam water exercise dumbells, and chewed halfheartedly at one of them. Made a big nest in a blanket and pillow and chewed lots of small holes in the blanket. Completely left alone a bag of books to be donated, and ate the edges off (in a very messy way) the AAA travel guide in the glove box. Think it may have lived a while in the glove box, which is now the cleanest one in any of our vehicles.Stuff you don;t really need anymore tends to dwell there. Lastly, friend mouse left huge amounts of small bites of white paper everywhere. And dainty, dry little shapely mouse-turds. The white bits were the hardest part of the clean up. I'll need a small stiff brush to get into some corners. I'm happy though, that the nest and the smell was on top of some washable pillows and blankets and the upholstery wasn't involved at all. A lucky break, I think.

And them I turned the other way and the moon was coming up. Pretty fine, it comes up all the time.
Look up!

Tonight's poem is another one from Kay Ryan.


We know it is close
to something lofty.
Simply getting over being sick
or finding lost property
has in it the leap,
the purge, the quick humility
of witnessing a birth---
how love seeps up
and retakes the earth.
There is a dreamy
wading feeling to your walk
inside the current
of restored riches,
clocks set back,
disasters averted.

From The Best of It; new and selected poems, page 134, by Kay Ryan.

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