Thursday, June 20, 2013

Danny and Dolly Dee

This is my incredibly cute baby sister holding a pair of dolls I made two years before she was born. The pattern was Simplicity, I think (I would love to find it again) [ here I broke off to search for the pattern on Google and the first item returned was this post "8 minutes ago" while not what I wanted, certainly interesting to think of the mighty Google ranks of  machinery indexing all this drivel] and the dolls were named Danny and Dolly Dee. The arms and legs are made of checked gingham, the bodies were, I think, plain muslin trapezoids. By this point they have forever lost their corduroy shoes which were hand stitched and raveling. At age twelve, I hadn't been introduced to the wonders of interfacing.
I made the dolls as a charity project to be sold at our Church's Relief Society Bazaar. My mother was so impressed that she bought them secretly and gave them to me months later for Christmas. They sat on my bed ot chair until I went away for college. At which point they seem to have become Marji's. My mother gave them to me again years later and they now live in a box in California. When I go back, I'll make another photo.
This one I found in the last dab of stuff my brothers a I liberated from the storage locker about three years ago. I LOVE IT. This is so much like her, shows the side of the house at The Farm, and is just all round very cute.
I have looked for half an hour to find a good poem for tonight, and have failed. Good Night.

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