Sunday, June 02, 2013

Primary Colors; what we put on the landscape 3

Of course it was the color that got me and I only had time for this one shot as we turned around in the parking lot. Tonight, we have been at the end of that journey for more than a week,. Just today, we discovered the covered container we had hidden the rice, dry beans and pasta in to deter the mice. It worked! Then we added some rice to a soup that was a little too salty---after we had added chicken stock with salt in it to the soup that was too bland.
Yesterday I posted Marina Tsvetaeva's poem to her desk, This is a prose passage by her daughter, Ariadna Efron, about how Marina wrote, as translated and quoted in Dark Elderberry Branch; poems of Marina Tsvetaeva, pp 37-38.

"Sweeping away all affairs, from early morning, with a clear head, on an empty stomach. With a cup of boiling black coffee on the writing desk, to which each day of her life she walked like a worker to a machine.
Everything on the desk was swept away---a place for a notebook and two elbows.
Deafened and blind to all around her. Never wrote on separate pages, only a notebook; all kinds of notebooks, schoolbooks, accountant's books.
A puff on a cigarette, A gulp of coffee. Mumbling, trying the words in her mouth,.
Answered letters right away, writing her response upon arrival. Saw her letters as a craft almost as necessary to her as her poems.
Closing the notebook, she opened the door to her room."

EVERY DAY! First thing in the morning! Makes me somewhat ashamed. But at least I have become a reliable blog-keeper. Good night.
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