Saturday, June 08, 2013

Passing the turnoff to the Little Bighorn EXTRA POST

Looking for something special for tonight, I began to play with the HDR Effect from Picasa. I quite like what it did to this fromthecar shot from our recent trip..Picasa also shows where the pictures were taken on Google, if there is GPS turned on in your camera. We were near the turnoff to the Battlefield Memorial.  So I went looking for a poem about the Little Bighorn, And dear old Uncle Walt (Whitman) turns out to have written a sort of elegy, "A Death Sonnet for Custer" for the New York Daily Tribune. The Walt Whitman Archive (a dandy find in itself) has the complete text. Go there and smile as you visit 1876.

Since I didn't really find this poem myself (Google did) you will probably get a post soon with a poem I found myself,

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