Saturday, July 27, 2013

Logan Walks

Grandkids went up to visit Aunt Kim by the road. Logan decided to come back home and just started and Kim phoned to tell us to meet him. He won't be three until October, but just started down the private lane between us. I think he was a little relieved when he saw me. I had fun taking pictures as he came.

Here he is in the lower left corner, a speck on the road.

See him up there by the tree?? Coming along.

And we finish with another bit from the Road-side Dog, by Czeslaw Milosz. (See previous posts if you don't know this dog.)


In order to accomplish something, one must dedicate oneself to it totally, so much that our fellow men cannot even imagine such an exclusivity. And that does nor mean at all the amount of time consumed. There are also the innumerable emotional subterfuges practiced against oneself, slow transformations of personality, as if one supreme goal, beyond one's will and knowledge, pulled in a single direction and organized destiny."

I thiink this quite suits Logan's Walk! 
Next door they are setting off fireworks at a party, and the sky is lighting up. Logan didn't wake up and his big sisters ran out on the porch and enjoyed the thrills. It didn't go on very long and I hope Luella is OK
Sleep well and dream of sparks in the sky!.

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