Sunday, August 18, 2013

A night of Double Posting

I was looking for a poem to go with the roofers in the previous post and found this one and changed my directions! So I will leave that as it is and double post for tonight. Here is another picture from the Evening Walk with Golden Grasses, This short and lovely poem is from the portfolio of Marie Ponsot's poems in the May, 2013 issue of Poetry Magazine, which was published in honor of the award to her of the Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize. This poem is on page 130.

Out of Water

A new embroidery of flowers, canary color,
                        dots the grass already dotty
                        with aster-white and clover.

I warn, "They won't last out of water."
The children pick some anyway.

In or out of water
children don't last either.

I watch them as they pick.
Still free of what's next
          and what was yesterday
they pick today.

Marie Ponsot has raised seven children and is now in her nineties! I love the gentle  perception in this poem!

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