Saturday, August 31, 2013

The poem that is too overdone--is it like the faked-up sunrise?

Well, sure, I stitched several shots together and then I fiddled with it some more, but it WAS a great sunrise this morning. Then S got up and made the packet of Chocolate Chip pancake mix that we bought for grandkids to munch up. Since we never got to use it while they were here, we had to munch it ourselves. Luckily the chips didn't stay stirred up and he got most of them. Coz I really didn't think that the chocolate flavor went well with the maple syrup.

And tomorrow is Sunday, with no appointments! Scott read me today (from a newspaper) that we are the only wealthy country that does not mandate paid vacation time for workers. Figures. Still, it is shocking to think about. I cannot imagine that such a mandate could ever be put into place now, but it would definitely enrich peoples' lives, and create more jobs. The money spent in leisure travel and such would improve the economy. The same article mentioned a study that found that people who worked closer to 11-hour days were much more likely to suffer from significant depression that the 8-hour folks. Surprising???

The GEPPO came today, it's the newsletter study publication of my haiku society. I highly recommend you click the link and join up if you have even the slightest interest in haiku. I have belonged to this group for more than thirty years now, and my life has been enriched again and again, by the people and the interesting and varied activities. The person who introduced me to the group is writing a series of articles in GEPPO sharing her experience and knowledge about writing the best, deepest, freshest, haiku you can. The series is called "Zigzag of the Dragonfly" In this installment, she reemphasized the importance of writing every day. Since haiku are brief and made of quick perceptions, almost anyone can squeeze out a few minutes for this. Naturally, this is something I have meant to do; I've just never done it. I write on nature walks, at meetings, and on other occasions, but I NEED TO WORK ON THIS EVERY DAY! Not to beat myself up about it (which doesn't work) but I have proved that I can write every day by doing this blog, so this is a needed next step.
Today, instead, I did the laundry, emptied the dishwasher, and set up my replacement bird feeder. After I hung it out, I sat on my balcony for about half an hour just enjoying the late afternoon (I could have written haiku!) and the female hairy woodpecker kept flying to the balcony (where she perches while she checks out the safety of the area) seeing me, and not landing on the railing, and then sitting on the dog-yard fence and cheeping sharply. Then a few  minutes later, she would repeat the whole performance. I am pretty sure the woodpeckers, all three kinds, will like the feeder, made of cedar, like the old rotten one, and with easy-to-reach suet holders. With better, dry seeds (the old one leaked) I also hope to attract some chickadees, who have been very scarce this year. We shall see-- it's been an odd year.

Ans here's a haiku about that by the kingpin of haiku: BASHO!

Not grown to a butterfly
this late in autumn
a caterpillar

From Basho and His Interpreters; selected Hokku with sommentary by Makoto Ueda,
Stanford University Press, 1991. Page 271.

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  1. Hi, june--so great to read your musings--very encouraging, very enlightening!