Friday, August 30, 2013

Turkey Wings in the Morning Meadow

This was a nice surprise about 8:30 this morning! The Samsung battery went dead when I fired up the long lens, so I had to catch this with the adored Lumix pocketable beauty, I think there were nine of them, two adults and seven children.  Set me up pretty well for the day. A couple of days of rain have made the meadow green up nicely.

Poetry news tonight is the recent death of Seamus Heaney, the great Irish poet and Nobel Prize recipient, who was not as old as I am. So another great one has left us.

Here is the last part of 

 Keeping Going by Seamus Heaney


My dear brother, you have good stamina.
You stay on where it happens. Your big tractor
Pulls up at the Diamond, you wave at people,
You shout and laugh about the revs, you keep
old roads open by driving on the new ones.
You called the piper's sporrans whitewash brushes
And then dressed up and marched us through the kitchen,
But you cannot make the dead walk or right wrong.
I see you at the end of your tether sometimes,
In the milking parlour, holding yourself up
Between two cows until your turn goes past,
Then coming to in the smell of dung again
And wondering, is this all? As it was
In the beginning, is now and shall be?
Then rubbing your eyes and seeing our old brush
Up on the byre door, and keeping going.

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