Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brunch in Brutus, where there are a lot of dead things on the walls

Do you approve of taxidermy? A couple of years ago when I was eating the cherry chicken salad (divine) the man at the next table over waws having trouble devoting attention to HIS meal because of the questions his kid was asking him about the taxidermied fish, fowl and mammals here. The kid could smell the DEATH behind it all, and he wasn't about to quiet down.

Outside of a natural history museum, I have never seen the like. Here's another view, which doesn't even include ALL the dead things:
There is even a fish head on a plaque swimming toward you with his mouth wide open! I have to admit I look at them all with interest and surprise when I am there

Above the grill (a peek shows at the left) where two manly guys in baseball caps fry meaty treats, is a


metal sign with three bullet holes in it. Since I have just been involved in creating a No Hunting Nature Preserve, I am clearly in another camp. And I like to think I am more willing to tolerate their camp (AMERICA!) than they are to tolerate mine.

Anyway, about taxidermy, what do you think?? I know this perhaps has nothing to do with poetry.

Metal sign:


(Don't put any bullet holes in it . . . . )   Good night!

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