Sunday, August 25, 2013

Morning Light, Evening Lght

All day long these aspen leaves quiver in the changing light. Today has been mostly about weather. I finally did some watering of wilting perennials, and was rewarded by a brief, but splendid rainstorm, It has been so dry this year that it needs to rain for DAYS, but this was very welcome.

Joseph Mallord William Turner, (1775-1851)the great English painter, loved weather and made many sketches and paintings of clouds and sunsets.

CLOUDS TO THE WEST, THE GREAT BOWL OF SKY fills with the last of today's sunlight.

Here, as promised last night, is another Transtromer poem, with some of the mystery left in.


William Turner's face is weather-brown.
He has set up his easel far out among the breakers.
We follow the silver-green cable down in the depths.

He wades out in the shelving kingdom of death.
A train rolls in. Come closer.
Rain, rain travels over us.

Tomas Transtromer from The Great Enigma; new collected poems, translated from the Swedish by Robin Fulton. Page 214.

CLOUDS TO THE EAST, REFLECTED SUNSET tints the clouds pink tonight. I love pink! And I take too many pictures of clouds. However, I console myself by remembering that the great photographer, Edward Steichen (1879-1973) took many pictures of clouds from the roof of his New York abode. And he had to pay for film! Sleep well, and dream of rain.

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