Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Logan Running

It will be weeks before I have dealt with the grandkid photos from the recent visit. This is another from the walk we took through the grassy field on the path my daughter mows to walk her dogs (and herself) on. What a great idea this was! We had some fabulous walks there during the Grandkid Visit. (I imagine I will stop talking about this soon, but it is still very present for me now.)

It's been an exciting evening with the accidental installation of some malware on S's laptop, and its eventual (we hope) removal! Right now S is doing his new balance exercises. He is getting more proficient at them, but cannot feel he has improved as much as I think I see. IT is about an 80-year spread between him and this running Logan, our youngest grandson.

Today, I revisited the garden we have made here over the past nearly 20 years; There are a lor of small pleasures, even though perhaps a great overreaching scheme cannot be detected. We wanted to sort of blend into the woods here, while still having a few cottagey pleasures close to the house. It's always fun to take flower photos, too!

Tonight's poem is another one-line haiku from Right Under the Big Sky I Don't Wear a Hat; the haiku and prose of Hosai Ozaki translated from the Japanese by Hiroaki Sato which I described in this post.

A single garden rock placed, evening comes

and just one more:

Cold, tumbling, a dead leaf has stopped just by the water

These are both on page 52. I love the sensibility in this book! Sleep well, I must get up early tomorrow.
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