Saturday, December 07, 2013

Better safe . . .

I dumped the corn today instead of spreading it out to fall into the snow. I am standing just behind the porch rail at the left side of the picture, so I can take this image. Only the one female mallard resisted coming closer until I went back inside. The wood ducks usually wait even farther back, down by the creek. As soon as I came out--I was planning to take some pictures of the snowy creek--the lookout duck gave his harsh "She's feeding!" cry and here they came, so I had to pass out some corn. Doesn't it look pretty against the snow??

Of course, I always want my pictures to be more stunning than they are, just as I suppose artists and poets want their work to have surpassed the dream. Yesterday I got another book about how to mess with photos on one's iPhone. It is a neat book, but many of the photos are TOO messed with. It is quite amazing what one can do.

                                        Like this, a sketch treatment of ducks in the snow.

Or this, a selfie as an oil painting, complete with craquelure. And a too large highlight on the varnish.

Or the little orange engine that could, with the same too-large reflection.

But I must admit that this is where my head is right now. Surely, a sensible woman like Lorine Niedecker would not approve of such nonsense. Here's one of her short poems from New Goose, page 65 as a necessary corrective. The poem is untitled.

Seven years a charming woman wore
her coat, removed the collar where it tore,
little warmth but honor in her loose
thin coat, without knowing why
she's so. Charming? Well, she's destitute.

I don't know that there is anything else to say, so I'll say no more tonight. We just had popcorn made in a special plastic gizmo to pop it in the microwave and now I have a husk between my teeth. The dogs are doing better, but the one with the tooth cleaning is still quite sad.

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