Sunday, December 08, 2013

Christmas in a stable

I took this picture the day we took Anil and Surinder, who were visiting from India, to see the Peralta Adobe, an early adobe structure which has been preserved in downtown San Jose. Later I added the texture to it with an iPhone app. Some one commented later on Flickr that it reminded them of the stable where Christ was born. I think I must have had a seen-this-before feeling about it, too, when I stopped to take a picture of the structure which was intended to shelter animals. All through my growing up years, there were pictures of an idea of this Bethlehem stable, or even creches filled with little figurines. I love creches!

I remember once I was asked to make a big drawing of Bethehem on a sheet to be hung behind a church Christmas pageant. I used colored chalks. I was proud of being asked, and a little worried about my ability, but it looked great! If I close my eyes, I can still see it! At this time of year Christmas symbolism is back, but in a much glossier and more varied form. And I have seen some TERRIBLE Christmas-themed advertisements. Even though I don't really believe in Christmas folklore, still I have an attachment to the icons that I have known all my life.

There is a window in the back, because a horse likes to look out, someone told me once. Is this true? Myself, I do like to look out. And I want to show my grandchildren things that I have always loved, and I want to sing the old songs, but they can't be very interested. And this is the way things are. I seem to be falling down a rathole here, and better quit. I need to get my Christmas things out tomorrow!!

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