Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Make a Joyful noise!!

This is from the latter half of the 1940s. The location is our house on First Street in Scotia, New York. I looked up this house on Google Views and it is still there and looking well-maintained.

Robert is riding David and holding one of those animal toys put together with elastic that collapses when you push up the bottom of the base--and then springs up again when you let it go. David seems to have a noisemaker. Looks like they are wearing pajamas. Behind the Christmas tree can be seen our ruffled white sheer curtains, Once in a while, Mom took them down and shook them in a bag with something (salt?) that took the dust out of them. Then they could be hung up again, looking much better. We had other flat lace-patterned curtains that were washed and stretched on a frame with pins around the edge to hold them while they dried.

This is a Brownie Reflex Synchro Model photo--and sharper than most--because of the flash, I think. At the lower left corner can be seen a small part of the white arc made by the flash-connector cable when the light from the flash hit it. These arcs are on most of the flash pictures taken with this camera.

The framed photo in an oval mat in the upper right corner is a baby portrait of my father, which was always on display for as long as I can remember. It is one of my most treasured family images. And here it is!


I think tomorrow is his birthday; he was born in 1905. And he was an excellent father!

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