Sunday, December 22, 2013

I place an ornament on the Christmas tree.

I think this was at the house in Scotia, although I cannot be sure because we took our curtains and our lamp with us to The Farm. When I do an important task involving concentration, I find that the tongue helps. Susan is barely visible behind the tree. Instead of tinsel, we are now using a twisted metal strip.
The white thing across the lower left corner is the flash (letting one now that this is the Brownie Refles Synchro model, with a flash. When I was helping my mother arrange a huge box of family photos, I scissored off the nonessential edges of the photo tp get rid of as much of this blot as I could. Now I wish I had left them alone with their cute deckle edges.
And, looking for something else, I find I have used this photo on this blog before, in 2009. Maybe you already forgot that, as I had. Anyway, May your holidays be nerry and bright! We pent the day driving from Boise to Winnemucca, through some of the most beautiful western country. The roads were dry, but the recent snow had blown off th ridges of the mountains, making them a beautiful study in contrasts. It was another place to pass through, without much chance to get good photos. And I am about as tired as I have been for a long time and would nit be here except that in less than two weeks, I will have met my challenge about posting everyday for a year. I had several other self-challenges that petered out during the first week in January, so i am happy to have done this, and learned the things that I learned doing it. Sleep well; I shall.

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