Monday, December 30, 2013

Failure to plan ahead

When we got home the furnace wasn't working. Lovely repairman came fast and after thorough testing determined that the motherboard, or whatever you call the expensive part that directs all those automatic functions (like turning on and turning off) needs replacing. And of course it is a part they don't stock (hopefully the supplier does and they don't have to get it from China) and it will take at least two days (holiday coming right up!) and then we will be fine. Maybe.
So we went out and got a space heater from Home Depot which now is aimed at us and blowing on our lower legs. Pretty great! 

Picture above was taken earlier today when I was warming myself in the sun. This is my beloved back yard that I had been away from for a whole year. The littlest dachshund is visible at right. I just took it because I was happy to be back home; I never intended to use it tonight. If  I had uploaded some in advance, I could have avoided this rupture and closed out the year with some self-satisfaction. But next year's a- coming!

You can see a cluster of potted succulents at the bottom of the pillar. They came through the recent unusually hard frosts pretty well. I've lost about half the bulk of my epiphyllums, but only a few seem completely dead. 

Behind the pillar in the corner of the lot is Lemon Tree No. 3. In the almost 50 years we've been here, we've lost two to hard frosts. This time, it seems like there are still good parts on the tree, but quite a lot of damage. 

I have been surprised at how unpleasant an indoor temperature of 48-52 degrees can be. No ice on your water glass, no life-threatening chill. Just discomfort.  That's why I spent a good part of the day in the 63 degree bright sun outdoors. And took this. 

Still no Internet. Should be tomorrow. 
And "What are you doing New Year's , New Year's Eve?"

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