Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hopper Children with Christmas Extravaganza


This is the same late 1950's Christmas as last night. Our beloved younger brother, Robert who died in 1997 after a valiant.struggle with cancer is at the right in the red shirt. It is wonderful to see his slender arms again! Marjory with her doll you saw last night. And that is David at the left with movie camera. We have recently had some movies digitized but have yet to view and edit them. There should be movies of this event there. But I wonder about David's cinema photography skills. . .

I am pretty tired tonight from another splendid day with grandchildren. I read three of them to sleep with my favorite, The Tomten. It took three readings, one for each child. I read it again for insurance. I love the sound of it, and wish there were more stories with a language flow like this. Thankfully the paperback of this picture book has come back into print!

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