Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blue float

Blue float
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This is what Davy Rothbart has to say about copyright issues on the FOUND items he has published in his books and magazines.
"We have been very vigilant to change the names and other identifying info on every note and letter in the books to protect people's identities. The last thing we'd want is to put someone in an awkward or embarrasing position! And Simon & Schuster lawyers asked us to include only excerpts of longer letters to protect against intellectual property issues. Sometimes I found this difficult and frustrating, since I really am not sure that someone's chain of Post-Its needs intellectual property protection, but we were always able to figure out something that worked. I was lucky to work with two lawyers for the FOUND books -- Steve Chung and Peter Karanjia -- who really had a deep understanding for the project and could help me conjure up creative solutions for minimizing the risk to S&S without sacrificing the quality of the finds."
Isn't it delightful to think that your grocery list is copyrighted as soon as you write it down?? And it you remember to renew your copyright, you protection can now last nearly forever. . .
So this lovely blue glass float is mine, mine, mine. . .
I am trying to write a poem about colors, here is one, blue, but I have not gotten very far with the poem yet. Good night.

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