Sunday, February 17, 2008

Early Springtime in the Buddhagarden

Early Springtime
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Today I went to an art gallery opening for an exhibit of my friend Marianne's prints of trees. She's a member of the printmaking class I am taking this spring. Her sketches are from all around this area, as well as French Polynesia. She mage etched plates and printed some plates as both etched and relief plates. She also made collograph plates. She printed some plates with color, a la poupee, and some with chine colle, as well as printing some plates in sections.
The show was like a virtuoso demonstration of printmaking techniques, using the theme of trees, which was the unifying concept of the display, She also hung some of the printing plates. The gallery is in an old yellow house in downtown Redwood City. It is nice, but smallish for the amount of people who came. I enjoyed it very much, and hope to return when it is not quite so crowded.

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