Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thinking about relief printing

My trip to the Lotus Garden almost two years ago is continuing to pay extra-fine dividends. The light just before noon was bright, but not too harsh. I am looking for images for solar plare relief printing. I worked on this tonight--from the original in color--and am very pleased with the result. But, since it is dark outside, I cannot make the solar plate right this minute. It will join the queue of projected projects.
Much needed rain again today, but the first daffodil buds have burst into rain-enhanced yellow splendor.

the precise placement
of blackbirds along a wire
--early winter rain


Last night we went out for a pizza; we have been trying all the little artisanal shops around here,This pizza was OK, but not astonishing, and the most fun about the evening was coming home to find the empty bread wrapper. The dachshund who jumps well had been able to score almost a full loaf off the counter. Her stomach was drum-tight.

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