Thursday, February 14, 2008

First spring bloom

First spring bloom
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A fine printmaking class today. I haven't done any printing for three weeks, and have got to get cracking! This ikebana was made for the exhibit room at the art league where the class meets. It's an old building which has many interesting windows that create little corners of light and beauty in unexpected places.
The teacher is very interested in graphic novels and the narrative thread as expressed in both pictures and text. This is a place I have not been able to follow, but will give it another try. As a lifelong reader, I am a HUGE fan of the novel-novel, and find graphic novels too short, simplistic and just plain distracting. But he has such amazing world-class taste and discrimination that I should give it another try.
Narcissi are out, as are the evergreen pears and white-blossoming almonds. Many other things already blooming here in California-land, including some traffic jams both going to class and coming home.

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