Monday, February 18, 2008


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Beautifully sunny day, It was 62 degrees in the middle of the day when I swam at the Y. I've got two more days to print something for class. Sigh.
This was one of my first experiments in digital collage. I love these gingko leaves. I remember a site that had all sorts of information on gingko designs and art and the trees themselves. I have been trying hard to find it for the last 20 minutes, so I could put a link here. But because there is so much interest in gingko, both as a medicine and as a design inspiration, I cannot locate this wonderful site. I have been able to save many of my bookmarked sites on but alas, this one has fallen victim to various equipment changes or one of the other vagaries of life. I would appreciate anyone who knows if this site is still out there to let me know. It was a work of love from someone and very thorough. I would love to visit it again. Just found it! Spend some time here, you will learn a lot and see some beautiful images.

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