Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tree as friend

Tree as friend
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I wonder what I should say to him? He edges the parking lot of the hotel where I stayed at the Dunes.
Today, another Bernd Heinrich book, The Trees in my Forest, that I recently ordered came in the mail. The former owner had taped in a small news item in which Heinrich corrected mistakes made about him in a previous news article. There were many errors and he made quick work of them, In this way, the worlds of author, reader and former-book-owner made a brief conjunction. In the back of the book, the list of trees is almost identical to the species on our woods in Emmet County, Michigan. It shoudl help me; I have identified most of the trees, but am still working on the shrubs.
From a comment left on my blog last night I discovered Beth's blog which gives a much more detailed explanation of A Year in the Maine Woods. She noticed the same things I had noticed--isn't that great?now I can write about something else--and she lives only 15 miles away from that Maine woods. Check it out!

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