Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nice Hat

Nice Hat
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This always cheers me up. It's an etching with color from chine colle papers. I did a series of learning-how etchings, each with a woman and a bird. I was inspired by a series of paintings done by a student in a watercolor class of an Egyptian statuette and a ceramic crow. This was a mysterious subject and all the paintings were very beautiful. This hat is based on a straw hat Kiyoko wore one year at the haiku retreat. She tied down the brim with a scarf. This is more like a bonnet, but that was the inspiration.
So in this one little print, I hold a memory of a good watercolor class, a good printmaking class, and a good friend, my haiku teacher. If I didn't have the print, I could still have the memories, and I know this print will never mean much to anyone else. But I grin every time I see it.
Tonight the Man Who Knows How to Fix Everything stopped by for a surprise visit. He is doing a lot better after lymph-node surgery, but still has to have a lot of scans and testing to be sure the melanoma doesn't come back and kill him. It was great to see him and he seems to be doing well, at least for now.

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