Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Buster, the feral girl

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This is Buster and this is my only photo of her. She went her entire life without being petted. When called, she did come in to our garage with Miss Bianca, her mother, to dine and sleep. I took the picture one day when I was experimenting with a roll of black-and-white film. I have always thought it was interesting not only because of her suspicious look, but also because it so clearly demonstrates how the figure can become the ground. You still know which is the white part of the cat, but you cannot really see the line where the whites divide. I had read about this in art books, but I think I really understood it only after I saw this picture. Now I think I am through with posting about cats for a while. Tomorrow, poetry, for sure.


  1. That is a really interesting picture. I've enjoyed the reminisces of your cat family.

  2. I really like that picure. You can tell that cat is suspicious. That's the way it goes. When a cat is wild, they are wild!