Friday, January 16, 2009

Textures of wood and feathers

Or, The Emu's Inquiring Look

Today I went to the wonderful all-day printmaking class. The teacher showed us 15 large works from a recent exhibit, one at a time on an easel. So, of course, following the method of this blog, this emu grab shot has nothing to do with that. I have been thinking about facts as texture, as mentioned in the Kay Ryan quote in last night's post.
Whenever we take the dogs to this farm (to be kenneled so they won't give our son asthma when we visit him) i wish I had a whole afternoon to photograph these emu and the turkeys and sheep that also live here. But I have only a few moments each time--in whatever light there is. Someone as in love with the camera eye as I am always wants more time or a different light to photograph in.
I get what I can, and only discover how much I like some of it as I look at the groups of photos later, or crop them, or bring the shadows up. Infrared photos, like this one, have both an increased sharpness of detail (or facts) as well as a softness, particularly of the people.
I tend to work with things in cycles, like revisiting a poem again and again to tune it up, or refine it, or recropping a photo or changing it to monotone. I always have ideas while working with images, and often return to something, perhaps something that I haven't worked with much before,
Today in printmaking (this is printmaking with a press, not photo printing) class, I had ideas based on my photos, that were coming so fast I could hardly get them down in my spiral bound beauty. It has been an excellent day, except for the horrendous commute traffic I had to endure to get there. Good night.

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