Friday, January 23, 2009

Light, light, light . . .

Light, light, light . . .
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I have been working more and more with the infrared photographs I have taken in December and January. All must have the color cast removed, unless I remember to set a custom white balance, which goes away when I turn off the camera. But the effect of the light, even the "bad" light of midday, which would not be the best for color photographs, is often nothing short of spectacular.
The Kindle Report: I have been using it a lot. One of the things I find interesting is that it supports me in reading several books at the same time, without producing untidy stacks of books all around the house. I still HAVE untidy stacks, they just aren't used in the same way. Right now I am about halfway through memoirs by Donald Hall and Azir Nafisi, plus my third book about using the Kindle, and two books on organization and life planning are almost finished. I am several pages into Ulysses, which I have always felt I should read, and which is not yet that appealing. But I shall perservere. I have started shorter things by Dickens and Fitzgerald that I had seen recommended. I am enjoying the new book by Junot Diaz, switching narrators frequently so far. Soon I will be ready to give a better progress report on this spectacular Christmas present. I LOVE being able to check the Web and to Twitter and email in the car. (Someone else should drive!) Good night.

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