Friday, January 02, 2009

Unfinished Business: the tale, continued, of Miss Bianca

Miss B-8 no autotone lvl
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Unfinished Business: the tale, continued of Miss Bianca

The beginning of this tale is told in three recent posts. In this picture, see the blackness that is beginning to develop at the tips of Miss Bianca’s ears? This often happens to white cats, we are told, and is a type of slow-growing skin cancer caused by the sun. Since she was an outdoor cat in California that was probably inevitable, but we didn’t know anything in time to prevent it. The vet said nothing needed to be done for awhile and then we could have her ears removed. S came home with the news the estimate of the cost. $1100. It seemed like a lot to pay for an old free garage cat, but of course we had to do it. We waited until her ears got worse, and were just about to charge it when someone at work told me about a vet in East San Jose who had done her cat’s ears for $300. I got the name, an appointment was made and off S went with Miss Bianca. The deed was done. We could pick her up later. At first, they had told S it would cost almost $900. When he picked her up to leave, they recalculated and eliminated some expensive tests that could be dispensed with. I hadn’t figured in the part about Bev being cute, flirtacious and very competative. It wound up costing about $550. Having no ears gave her a sly look, like she had a devious and interesting personality. Several times people asked us what breed of cat she was. We should have faked some exotic name. I hope I can find a picture of her in that state; I am not sure I have one. There is only one more Miss B story, and I’ll tell it to you tomorrow. After which the New Year can fully commence. Happy New Year!


  1. Oh, my,what a sad cat tale of woe. I know you loved her a lot and that she gave an equal amount of love back to you. Can't wait for the ending of this cat saga.

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