Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rays of Sunlight

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Well, I couldn't go, but I could watch for the entire day, and feel a part of it. Which means, of course that I wanted to take pictures, so this is a picture of my TV set. I think the C-SPAN photographer caught a gorgeous sun-ray here over the presidential vehicle. To me this caught the day in a symbolic way.
This all fills me with a sense of hope and terror. The problems are so big. We need to all get behind change on sound principles. This is the day I have been hoping for for more than a year.

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  1. June, what a great shot of the TV's image! You are clever.

    Yes, we can.

    Yes, we did.

    Yes, we will do it.

    Yes, we will all sacrifice to get back on the right track. And by golly, we will enjoy making the sacrifices. The American public is ready for the challenge.