Monday, January 26, 2009

Raspberry tangle

Raspberry tangle
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This is one from last summer that I like. I've been taking pictures there for several years. Every year, I am afraid this house will have fallen down when I get back to Michigan--but last year it was still there. The grays of the weathered wood are so beautiful. I like to think about the hard work the family that built it must have done to wrest a farm living from a place with such a short growing season. There is a berry tangle all around the house now, and a beautifully shaped apple tree out back. "Nothing else remains," as the poem says about Ozymandias, but here grass grows on the sandy soil.
All day long I have been playing with my Kindle. I have downloaded some more classic books that are available for free. And tried all sorts of tricks. Still there are so many books that are not available in electronic format, and it is worthless for art books, or other books that depend on illustrative matter. And navigating around in the books is cumbersome. There are many things to love about the Kindle, but books still rule!!!

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