Monday, January 12, 2009

One of hundreds at the Bike Build 2008

I still want to post every day. The good news is that this afternoon I downloaded the beta version of Internet Explorer 8. This was my last-ditch something-to-try before I took my computer back to its original state. I had everything backed up, and was ready to roll. The IE 8 download was very fast, and the results in the following few hours have been almost spectacular. IE hasn't frozen since, or frozen my computer. I have clicked willy-nilly and at random, several times in succession and followed my fickle heart. For the past couple of weeks, I had been creeping on to do email, mostly and being very careful, because I had to reboot so many times after freezes. I know it is too soon to crow; right now I am VERY happy!
Here's something I've been wanting to report. Last month, I donated my beloved Toyota truck which I bought on my first grandson's birthday: December 27, 1986. It only had 180,500 miles on it and ran well, but it was time. Turning Wheels hopes to use it to move small amounts of bicycles around after one of their Bike Builds. The organization is called Turning Wheels for Kids. The story is told on their website. Susan's great idea of Christmas bikes for disadvantaged kids has grown in a few years to the Bike Build I attended, with my camera. Several hundred people came together in the big tent behind the San Jose Concention Center on December 13, 2008 for this annual event. Everything looked spectacular under the high ceiling and the bright lights! Many of the grant organizations came during the day to pick up their bikes. Some even brought a group of children with them. These kids got a riding lesson and a helmet fit (all bikes are given with helmets and a lock) and rode in a circle around a big clear space, lifting everyone's spirits. All this is done in cooperation with funding sponsors, all kinds of volunteers and local charitable groups who apply for bicycles for specific children, and distribute many of the bikes. So I know this is old news, but the idea goes on. I was heartened by this community event. It has the personal touch!


  1. hey, i'm glad to have found you and your blogs. haven't been following your computer troubles, but if IE8 gives you any problems, try using firefox. you can download it for free, and i like it ever so much better than IE.

  2. Oh, I know that's what everyone says, but I spend all my time trying to make our computers work! But I was almost ready to start learning something else. Arghhh. I just got the new Photoshop and haven'e even taken it out of the box yet.