Saturday, January 17, 2009

In the print room, teacher, student and steadying hand

I love the light in the print room! There are windows on two sides of the room and the midday light comes from all around and embraces the shapes of all my friends there. This is toward the end of a demonstration on Chine collee from last Thursday.
Tonight I watched the Obama train rallies from Philadelphia to Washington. And I am definitely planning to watch the Inauguration. Obama's protection men included a very pale guy with close-cropped pale-gray hair, what he had left of it. Since he was was tall, and moved elegantly with such a focused attention on the president-elect's immediate surroundings, and so very pale he reminded me of a great white ghost.
I guess my favorite part of the whole thing was the expressions on the faces of very young and quite old black people, some of whom were wiping away tears.
Had a wonderful long phone call from my brother, Dave, today. He has free weekend minutes and takes full advantage. This is my sibling who keeps track of the whole family's birthdays, anniversaries, addresses, email addresses, church rites. He even tracks ex-wives. . . It is very handy, since there are so many of us, and enables us all to keep in touch with people we might otherwise lose track of.

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