Wednesday, May 22, 2013

American Redstart on the shore of Leech Lake, Minnesota

Hello, adorable bird; I posted this poem too soon. Tonight, after conquering North Dakota, we are staying in the Country Inn at the edge of Leech Lake in Minnesota. It is a  beautiful setting! If there are about 15,000 lakes in Minnesota, this one claims to be one of the largest. We parked facing a pine that stands between the lake and the Inn. And  the pine was full of these birds flying out to catch invisible insects. After a while, I saw a Yellow Warbler, maybe two, then a black and white warbler and finally a Black-capped Chickadee. It was my birding event of this year so far. I didn't think my camera could catch them, they are so fast, but I just aimed in that direction, and caught this one. They continued this behavior in the pine and the nearby trees above some sumac for a couple of hours. Pretty much a highlight of my trip!

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