Saturday, May 04, 2013

February Sun on the Little Union Canal, Feb 19, 2013, the missing post!

Looks like we made it through the snow. No time to read today--visitor coming. But time to think about the intersection of two books I am in the midst of: Agnes's Jacket and The Inner Elvis.What they have in  common is the immense weight they give to childhood abuse, either of the sexual, smothering, or other kinds. Both authors seem to feel that there is almost no hope for adults with this bad stuff in the past. Todays news is full of the retiring pope and how he didn't fess up to so much abuse in America's churches for such a long time; also the priest who fled to Mexico and is still at large. It's terrifying. I hope that many survivors learn to deal with this in a healthy way and live the rest of their lives fully, but who knows. What a world!
NOTE: This is an old post that never went up. I just found the draft, and cannot seem to place it in February, where it belongs. That was why, when I counted, I was missing one post from the year. Here it is!
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